Welcome to Retention Matters

In partnership with Glacier Media and Canadian Cattlemen Magazine, CCIA are holding a live Retention Matters online webinar on Thursday April 4th, 2024, at 5pm MDT.

To assist in promoting this event the CCIA is offering those who attend this webinar in full a 20% discount code for use, exclusively, in the CCIA webstore (https://tags.canadaid.ca/).

Full terms and conditions for participation in this promotion can be found below. All those who attend the webinar agree to be bound by the terms & conditions as presented.

Advance registration for this event is required – if you would like to reserve a place please click here: CCM/CCIA April Webinar

If you require further assistance please contact info@canadaid.ca, with the subject line: “Retention Matters CCM Webinar Promotion.

CCIA / Canadian Cattlemen Magazine April 2024 Webinar Promotion Full Terms & Conditions


  • This promotion shall apply to NON-DISTRIBUTION Canadian Livestock Tracking System (CLTS) account holders ONLY who attend the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) Retention Matters webinar. Distribution account holders, including but not limited to, CCIA Approved Dealers, will not be permitted to apply this promotion to any purchases. 
  • To qualify for the promotion, attendees must attend the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency Retention Matters webinar in full; early log outs or no shows after registration shall forfeit the promotional rate. 
  • This promotion is VALID for 90 days starting April 4, 2024, and expires at 11:59pm on July 3, 2024. 
  • This promotion is valid for a ONE-TIME discount of 20% exclusive to the CCIA web store. Participants that have multiple CLTS accounts will only be permitted to apply the promotion to a single account – account holder names and contact information will be verified by CCIA. 
  • This promotion is valid to a MAXIMUM ORDER VALUE of $750CAD excluding GST and any applicable shipping fees (Maximum discount value = $150CAD).  
  • This promotion has NO CASH VALUE nor will credit alternatives be provided.  
  • This promotion CANNOT BE COMBINED with and is not valid with any other promotions, discounts, or savings programs. 
  • Discounts are based upon full retail prices as set out in the CCIA web store. 
  • CCIA Tag Webstore Inventory purchase, shipping and returns terms and conditions will apply to all purchases utilizing the promotion and can be found at https://tags.canadaid.ca/  
  • This promotion is non-transferable. 
  • This promotion is valid for CANADIAN RESIDENTS ONLY. 
  • CCIA reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion at any time.